Gold infused skin care and Effects of Gold on Skin

gold infused skin care, Effects of Gold on Skin.It truly should come as no surprise that gold is such a powerful ingredient in keeping skin healthy. Silver is impervious to the elements, such as normal water and air, and definitely will not rust and corrode. Get bury a piece of gold in the surface and pull up years later, and you will think it is exactly as you left it without the decomposition. Yet, despite it having such tough, resistant characteristics, it tends to maintain a shine and light.

Now think about that when used on your skin area. In these skin caution products, gold is blended into tiny particles, which are then absorbed into the skin through a cream or serum. Upon the surface of the skin, the gold creates an invisible barrier, keeping harmful toxins out and locking moisture and healthy nutrients in.

gold infused skin care

gold infused skin care:  Effects of Gold on Skin

Egyptians believed the healing forces of gold could get rid of many physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Romans used gold preparations for treatment of skin lesions and sores. It truly is believed that Cleopatra wore pure silver for a radiant appearance.

In ancient Chinese remedies, gold was the key to youthful skin. Today, gold leaf is employed in the treatment and revitalization of skin conditions. The application of gold chemical substances to medicine, called chrysotherapy, reduces inflammation beneficial in the treatment of a variety of diseases, but this remedy often triggers adverse gold-related skin reactions.

Rejuvenation of Pores and skin
A large number of luxury spas use 24-carat gold leaf treatments to hydrate, firm and hydrate the skin, claiming reduced fine lines and lines and wrinkles and resulting in the easy and radiant skin. A news feed from the earth Gold Council site reported a gold tea leaf facial treatment created in Japan declaring gold loose tea leaf place on the face obviously rejuvenates skin and reduce wrinkles.

According to the creators of the treatment, gold locks in water and keeps skin determined by maintaining collagen in the skin and curbing the breakdown of elastin. A study appearing in the “The Journal of the American Medical Association” reported the effect of gold leaf on low blood-flow skin ulcers. Studies showed an important improvement in mouth legions and epidermis ulcers without adverse reactions to gold leaf discovered.
Skin Rashes from Chrysotherapy

Chrysotherapy is a prosperous treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, but dermatological reactions to rare metal limit therapeutic usage. Research done at Tel Aviv Medical Center reported in “Annals of Rheumatic Diseases” was discontinued when patients given gold salts responded adversely to symptoms including gold-induced skin rashes. Following the study was ceased, coincidentally the patients with skin rash experienced remission in their rheumatoid arthritis. The patients without skin area rash did not.
Pores and skin Disorder Treatment

Gold is thought to have antiseptic properties and help travel oxygen molecules into the skin for cell revival to treat ulcers and inflammatory disorders of the skin. reported that the findings suggest gold is helpful in treating autoimmune diseases and inflammation and inhibits skin enzymes included in blister formation.

Rare metal is no newcomer to the skin care industry, as the use should go all the way back in the days of Hatshepsut, centuries ago. It has often been claimed that Cleopatra wore a yellow metal face mask every evening to keep her skin company and supple and maintain a healthy “glow. very well Well, gold is no longer exclusively for royalty and other elite, as virtually anyone can get their hands on it these days because of their own use.

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